Hachnasat Orchim

The Druze people pray in a secret location.  Their hidden houses of worship are as a result of thousands of years of fear.  What once was necessity has now also become tradition and still today they worship under cover.

Thousands of years of religious persecution has led them to this point, but today in Israel there is no necessity for this, only tradition.

In the State of Israel, the Druze can worship freely.  They can join the army.  They can live out their lives, raise their children, and practice their religion without fear of coming under fire from any power.

The other day I went shopping for a skirt in Jerusalem. As I searched through the racks, I realized that along side me a Jewish woman, Muslim woman, and a nun were all standing next to eachother eachother in pursuit of purchase. 

That night, as I looked out onto the Kotel from the rooftop of the Aish building, I noticed something spectacular.  There are no signs from the Kotel banning any particular group from visiting.  From my view, I could see the first lady of Rwanda in her bright mushanana accompanied by her entourage leaving the women’s section of the wall.  Visitors from Asia, India, and all over the world with no connection to Judaism were able to visit the holy site of the Jewish people without fear.

A Jewish state does not mean a state where non-Jews are not welcome.  Hachnasat Orchim is a mitzvah in Judaism to welcome guests into the home.  The Great Sages said that inviting a guest into the house possessed a higher state of holiness than inviting the Divine Presence.  In a state built on the values of Judaism, welcoming guests into Israel, our home, is not uncommon.  Druze can be Druze and practice their unique religion within the borders of Israel, Muslim women, Jewish women and nuns can shop for clothing without worry, and anyone traveling through, living in, or finding themselves in the land of Israel is always welcome somewhere with some family at some Shabbat in the Holy Land.

עם ישראל חי


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