This is Ours, A poem

Synogogue in Hebron

I was a slave in Egypt

I was dragged from Gaza

No, Gush Katif

Hear O Israel, the Lord is


soul in many bodies

Stabbing our left hand with our right


crimes against ourselves


Turn Toward Jerusalem

Raise your right hand

and remember

We were slaves in Egypt

Do not delude yourself

with illusions of separation

Their pain is my pain is your pain is our pain


One Reply to “This is Ours, A poem”

  1. Thank you so much for your voice, and your willingness to share your thoughts. I enjoy your blog very much. Because of this and so many other great posts on your site, I’ve nominated your It’s Just Something to Think About blog for a Sunshine Award. I genuinely enjoy reading your work and feel that it embodies the spirit of the Sunshine Awards. You truly are “lighting up the dark corners of our minds”.

    To learn more about the Sunshine Award and your fellow nominees, please visit:

    And, thank you for all you’re doing to bring understanding to the Jewish world.

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