Completing the Race

If we were to all share the weight of the world,we might be able to make a difference.

Instead, we numb ourselves to the issues of today, taking pain killers in the form of distraction while the weight still looms over our shoulders.

The most used Iphone applications on my campus are Snapchat and Instagram. People love taking pictures of themselves.  On the bus, they’d rather look at a reflection of their smile than interact with other students.  On the street, they look down at their phones and choose filters, an instant sedative to the challenging world that they have inherited.

When you are in a race, you don’t stop in the middle and relax. You keep going until you reach the finish line.  This world is no different. We are all far from finishing the race here.  There is too much suffering in the world, too much waste in our waters to take a break. From the starting line of birth to the finish of line of death it is our responsibility to race as hard as we can and fix what is wrong in this world.  It is time to look up from our Instagram picture and see the big picture. We are here for a reason.  We need to learn to carry that weight. 


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